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Are online classes easier: I’m going to be talking about is online college harder. And just the pros and cons of online college or learning. I tell you about Are online classes easier step by step. As opposed to a traditional college where we attend class in person. I’m going to be taking online this fall semester because of the whole pandemic. I have taken one semester online already from the previous semester where the covet just started. So, without further, I’m just going to give you guys the pros and cons of online college. Whether it’s more challenging or more comfortable, let’s tackle the pros of online college, to begin with, the best part.

Many students think that when they take an online course, they believe that online time will be more comfortable. The online system has more there’s more rigour in that course than normal. Because the thing about the online course is that everything is in document form. Do you understand what I’m saying, so everything’s written, the principal sees everything?

Advantages and disadvantages of online classes


Are online classes easier: Comfortability

So I would say online college is probably just the comfortability of just taking classes online at home and wherever you are. Because In that situation,

  • you’re saving the walk to class
  • saving the commute,
  • you know, keeping the traffic,
  • and you save time to get ready.


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Because you can be in your comfy home clothes when you are taking an online class, not only that, but you can also attend courses in the comfort of your bed. Or when you’re eating or pretty much when you’re just doing whatever right, you can hear the zoom lecture or watch the pre-recorded lectures when you have the time. Another thing to point out is also the flexible scheduling that you guys can have.

So you don’t have to deal with gaps

  • and wait on campus
  • or stay in the library for your next class to start.

And this is incredibly convenient for those who commute and have like six to seven-hour gaps. Because you usually know your commute. You want to stay there for the total time.

Enjoyments & Relaxation in expenses

You don’t want to commute, and you stay in the library, or you try to fill in time. Whereas if you’re home,

  • you can be more productive,
  • Or you can clean your room.
  • And You could take a nap even if you want to.

The third thing that is great about online schooling and the fact that you could save

  • on-campus money
  • or like housing money.

If you live on campus and live far away and but not only that, but you could save money on lunch even if you commute, you guys maybe have ingredients at home to cook or your parents to cook for you. As opposed to you know you were buying food on campus. And that’s spending another 10 or 15 dollars from your wallet.

Preparation of routine Lesson

The other thing that is great about online college is also the pre-recorded lectures. Because if you go to school in person, you rarely have pre-recorded lessons. At least in my school, they don’t, so if you miss a class because of sickness or absences or whatever.

You’re going to miss the lecture and rely on your friends to explain the lesson to you. Whereas if you are doing online college, the courses are usually pre-recorded. So that way, you can always re-watch it. If you miss something or don’t understand something, you can always rewind and relearn that concept repeatedly until you know it.

Disadvantages of online classes 

Now I’m going to talk about the four cons of online college and why it could be more challenging for you.
So it depends on your work habits or your study habits. The first thing that I’m going to mention is the social interaction and campus experience. Overall, when you’re doing online college, you’re missing out on the on-campus experience. So you’re missing out on basically socializing with friends. You know,

  • doing the job fair talking to your classmates
  • getting food.
  • hanging out with your friends,
  • making new friends,
  • and that honestly is a tremendous sacrifice.


online classes vs traditional classes


Because college is one year that you want to be

  • socializing with other people
  • to meet new people,
  • especially those in your major.

Second Disadvantages

Number two is I want to say that professors are usually harder to reach online, and by harder to get, I don’t mean like the time to talk to them.

Because I’m sure you can always schedule appointments or have you know dedicated office hours where you can join in the zoom. But what I mean is also like the professor to student interaction is going to be significantly different. Because if you’re in class and you’ll go up to your professor. You could quickly, you know, bring up your paper and point them like you know this is what I did wrong or how can I improve the sentence or whatever.

But if you’re online, you have the minor inconvenience to screen share, and you know it’s just harder. It’s not the same as it is in person. Because obviously, you can get the ideas much easier if you are in person talking to a professor.

Availability of resources

Another con about online college is your device’s availability and what this means that sometimes you might have a potato computer. Or your computer is just not up to standards where you.

  • don’t have a webcam,
  • or it’s slightly laggy,
  • and then sometimes you have an unreliable internet connection.

You may not take that exam or may not attend that lecture or zoom session. Whereas if you’re in person, you know, and you’re taking an exam. You don’t need any internet at all—you kind of like to go there and take it.
You don’t you can’t miss an exam unless you ditch school. But yeah, if you even if you’re lovely and you’re well at home. You may have an unstable internet connection where it doesn’t let you take the exam, and it’s just more complicated, and you have to tell the professor like, oh, sorry I missed the exam, right.

lack of motivation

Number four, which I think will be the make or break of the con, is distractions and lack of motivation. So basically, if you’re taking online college, you have your computer in front of you. You could easily access YouTube. And you can easily play your favourite game, you can easily nap on the bed while the lecture is going on, and it just depends on your work habits and your study habits, and how you tackle college. One of the most challenging things about online college is just a lack of motivation.


In contrast, if you’re there in person and in class and enjoying the lecture, you can absorb more knowledge when you are at home. That is one massive can of the whole online college situation, so overall, I believe that online college could be easier or more demanding on your part.

I think it is just harder to be more motivated in an online college, especially as a computer science major. You know, I would want to have a hands-on experience. You know, code with my friends and troubleshoot problems together. Whereas if I’m at home, you realize I rely on other sources like stack overflow.

Are online classes easier: Conclusion

So overall, I think on-campus and online are both great options. Depending on who you are and what you want out of your college experience. I chose both I think that’s fine you go back and forth if you’re going to.


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