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How to create content fast: 9 content marketing tips. Maybe you’re trying to get more out of your content and get a month’s worth of posts in just a few days of work. Whatever the case may stick with me until the end of this blog. Because I’m about to teach you how to create content super fast.

I’m going to give you nine actionable tips. Because you can take to start turbocharging, your content marketing and creating the content that your customers love. I’ve led multiple digital marketing efforts built on shoestring budgets that get

  1. millions of page views,
  2. thousands of leads
  3. and generate millions in revenue.

So if you’re excited to learn about these nine tips for creating content super fast, without further ado, let’s get into it.


Create content fast First tip: Reply to the queries your reader is always asking you

The first thing I want you to do, if you’re trying to create content super-fast. That is to answer the questions that your customers are always asking you. Create a blog post that spills everything,

  • you know about a particular topic
  • answer the who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why
  • and how on specific subject areas.

The reason you want to answer these questions is that I promise you if somebody is already asking you these questions as a customer.

Then somebody else in the world is asking that same question. So as an expert, this is beneficial for you for two reasons.

The first one is because you’re already an expert in it. And so it’s going to be super easy to create.

And the second reason is that you’re going to be solving a problem that someone else frequently has in your respective niche. So which will then help build your authority in that niche as a leader or a thought leader in that area.

Inquiry-based Google searches are a great way to build a ton of organic traffic, which can then convert into leads for your particular business.

In the case in which you don’t have a ton of customers right now, or you don’t have a ton of customers that ask questions and easy way that you can figure out what questions people are asking in your space is to go to the website, and type in your respective field.

From there, you’ll be able to see all the question-based inquiries that frequently asked in your particular area.

Create content fast Second Tip: Crowdsource industry insights and compile the article into the ultimate resource.

The second tip that I have for you to create super-fast content is to crowdsource industry insights and then be the source to compile those responses into a coherent piece.

What you’re going to want to do here is you’re going to want to collect the contact information of a ton of experts in your field here and then ask them this fundamental question.

It’s a super-simple way to create content super fast that’s still incredibly valuable to your audience. When you pull a lot of insights from different industry experts into one place, they’re going to feel super special.

And they’re going to share that resource that you create with all of their friends, family, and their professional networks.

So it’s going to be a super-simple way for you as well, to build back-links to your asset and build up its authorities in the search ranking.

Third Tip: Always create a survey on delightful keywords and be the source

The third tip I have for you is to create a survey that’s on an exciting topic in your space and then be the source.

What I mean by that is I want you to think about a pain point that your area often has and what sort of things might relate to that pain point?

So that could be something in which once you have a few sound bites in terms of great things that people have to say about you.

You can put those into a simple one-pager or a web page of testimonials and reviews from your past clients. Where you own an agency, you could expand the survey to every single agent in your agency.

Create content fast Fourth Tip: Repurpose your old blog content!

The fourth tip that I have for creating content super fast is to repurpose your old content. Let’s say that you had made that authoritative post answering a critical question that your customers had from the first tip.

Well, in this case, what you could do next is you could create an audio version of that same post, or you could create a quick video explaining more about this post.

So without doing that much additional work, we’re able to convert the format that the original content created into another form.

By creating these different formats of whether it is an audio file as a podcast or as an audio file that could be played on your site, you are making a unique method for your customer to connect with you.

Fifth Tip: Create chances for your reader to give you SEO content.

The fifth tip I have for creating content fast is to create more opportunities for your customers to give you content.

This built on some earlier tips but essentially what I want you to do is, any time your customers give you an unsolicited testimonial, do yourself a favour by asking them if you could use what they just shared with you in any potential marketing materials.

Why might I want to do this from a content marketing lens? Well, the reason is that let’s say, for example, we are a company that wants to push more of our premium package, as opposed to our basic plan.

What we might do is we might collect three testimonials from our premium customers that used to be on the basic plan.

content marketing, create blog and website content

Then we create one page that we could position as something like, why premium will blow your mind?

By merely creating these testimonials in a one-pager for potential customers. We could start giving this page to every single potential essential customer, and new prospective customers, to help them more seriously consider paying for the premium package, as opposed to the basic package at the beginning of their journey.

So this can help to improve your upselling process and increase your customer lifetime value over time because you’re giving these new customers and your existing customers, a few different relatable stories from other customers of yours that previously used just the basic package, but then upgraded into the premium plan.

Sixth Tip: Create a series of SEO content with templates.

The sixth tip I have for you for creating content super fast is to create content that can be templates.

What I mean by that is it could be something like a weekly customer success story, or it could be something like questions frequently ask before you purchase XYZ.

Whatever the case may be, it’s something that you can put consistently out there for your potential and your existing customers.

If you’re trying to create content super fast, it can be super helpful to create a series of posts that relate to one another and follow a consistent theme.

If, for example, you’re trying to tell customer stories that might come in the format of.

Five key questions you have prepped for every single customer. By asking these questions upfront with all of your customers and collecting the same core responses, it’ll allow you way more flexibility to schedule out your posts ahead of time.

If, for example, you were doing a four or eight-week campaign. Building templates for your content marketing and your content efforts are going to be immensely helpful if you’re ever going to consider hiring content writers or outsourcing your content marketing.

Seventh Tip: Make your SEO content in batches.

The seventh tip that I have for you for creating content super fast is to make your content in batches. Let’s say you took that survey idea. And you took it a step further. Well, what does is scale that survey idea to three different survey groups.

In this situation, we can do, we can send out this survey for three different audience groups and collect all those responses at the same time.

The benefit of this is that once we have all those responses collected, we can spend a single day analyzing all the data and statistics that we’ve aggregated, which will allow us to save time and also create some cool insights about different cohorts of data.

So by doing this in a batch fashion, in which we are collecting three surveys and running them concurrently with each other, we are saving ourselves time while creating three times the amount of content at once.

Pretty cool! If we think ahead and batch our surveys into three critical phases of survey collection, data analysis, and then releasing of our results, then we can significantly increase the amount of content we’re creating, and also start building out a schedule for our viewers and our customers to look forward to reading about these results.

So by batching everything, I can stay focused on one task at hand and significantly improve my output.

Eighth Tip: Always follow the paths of success

My eighth tip for creating content fast is to follow the patterns of success. What I want you to do is I want you to think about a cool content marketing piece or marketing piece that you’ve seen in the last year.

Then ask yourself, how could I make this even better? And from there, I watched to create that even better piece.

So merely by taking a step back and looking at what was already working in this space, I could create an authoritative and helpful post for the particular targeted audience.

If you know that it’s already been a hit, then you should try to make something even better than that current hit. We know this as the skyscraper strategy, and Brian Dean popularized it.

Ninth Tip: Share your private experiences for content marketing

The ninth tip to create super-fast content is to share your personal experiences. You’ve got some life experiences that your customers would love to hear about.

And they’re not part of massive corporations. There’s a reason every year during the super bowl, major beer brands, such as Budweiser, are trying to tell you a super-sentimental story in their one minute ads.

Stories sell. So what I want you to do is I want you to think about any stories you love to tell your friends or family about your business, or even just stories that you tell customers all the time, and then create it in a format that works for you.

Whatever the case may be, share those stories and try to help others understand where you’re coming from your lens.


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