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How to download Instagram video through online private video downloader tools and Instagram videos third-party apps. How to Download private Instagram video through top 6 ways, complete guide here. You can download private Instagram stories through an Instagram video downloader. The private IG Downloader can work as an Instagram private photo viewer. How Download Instagram picture complete guide here.

It is a visual platform just like FB, this application is available on both Android and iPhone too. Different Peoples can upload photos or videos through this application with their

  • fans
  • followers
  • friends
  • or within their friend’s groups.

You can also see the Instagram profile picture in full result through online website tools. Here, complete guide on how to download Instagram photos. 

Different business owners use Instagram for Business advertisement and to earn money on Instagram.

How to download Private Instagram videos from Instagram?

The most suffering problem among the users of Instagram is that how to download private Instagram videos and Instagram stories?

It’s sad to say that Instagram does not allow you to download the video and story you find on your feed or someone’s else account.

So Instagram does not allow you to download private Instagram videos because it’s not a legal way to download or save the recording of the video for the sake of changing or posting on; on your feed.

You can save the video for your purpose. Sometimes, you genuinely like a video, and you want to keep it for further use or add to your collection.

But there is no proper tool to download the video from Instagram. Anyway, there are many other ways to download a video from Instagram, but you may have to suffer a bit of a struggle for that.

How to download Instagram photos

Different websites allow the user to see any other Instagram user profile picture in zoom-in format and display the profile picture in maximum size.

Websites allow users to watch and down the DP of the target user. website also allows its user to view Instagram profile pictures. Instagram profile picture also called DP (Display Picture).

Download private Instagram photos

  • Open Website
  • In the opening display view of the website, “write username in the search field.”
  • Then click “Search.”
  • Finally,” Profile picture view on-screen.”

Hope you will understand how to download Instagram photos easily.

How to Download private Instagram stories

I tell you about downloading private Instagram stories or view Instagram stories. Thousand of users use Instagram for sharing their life events or emotion.

When any user uploads the download private Instagram stories, other peoples who follow her/him watch the Story. After watching the Story or view Instagram stories, some peoples want to save or download private Instagram stories.

Most users do not know how to download Instagram stories? So, I tell you about the Instagram stories downloader online or view Instagram stories of any Instagram user through different ways, like

  • online resources
  • and Stories downloaded the app.

Different websites allow Instagram users to download Instagram stories free. This is a

  • simple
  • almost effortless
  • and time-saving process.

You can quickly download videos through the website by copying and pasting the username in a website like (

  • Open The Website
  • Write the username of the Instagram profile in the website’s field.
  • After, Click ok, you will see the most recent Stories shared by the user on Instagram.
  • Then click on the Download button.
  • Finally, private Instagram stories will Download and saved on the device.

Download private Instagram videos on the computer?

One can download videos from Instagram on the PC by using an online service. So download private Instagram videos by using source code. This cycle includes assessing the video’s source code you expect to download and afterward removing the video download connect. Here are the steps.

  • Play the video you like to save from Instagram.
  • Now click the right button of the mouse (Right-Click) on the video.
  • Select Inspect element might be written as View page source, as it depends on the browser you are using.
  • Now open the Find option by pressing the Ctrl+F keys.
  • When a dialog box appears, type “.mp4” on it.
  • After completing the process by the system, it will take you to the section of code.
  • Copy the link that ends with .mp4, which appears next to the SRC=.
  • Now paste the copied URL.
  • It will play video.
  • Right-click on the video and then press the Save video as or (Ctrl+S) to download the video.

2nd Method: Using an online resource.

There are many ways to download private Instagram videos or to save a video from Instagram by using online resources. DownloadVideosForm is a tool that is mostly used to download a video from Instagram.

  • Open the video you like to download from Instagram.
  • Copy its link.
  • Open the DownloadVideoForm tool.
  • Paste the copied link.
  • Press the “Download MP4” option to change the video.
  • Now save the video.

How to save Instagram videos to your iPhone

The best trick to download private Instagram videos from Instagram on your iPhone is using the “App.” There are steps to download the “App” on your iPhone. Instagram video download app iphone.

  • Download the App from the App store.
  • Login into your Instagram account.
  • Find the video you wish to save.
  • Select the video.
  • Tab on it.
  • IG Save will display many options.
  • You can download your video by pressing the option “save to gallery.”
  • After that, your video will automatically save in your phone’s gallery.

Instagram video downloading applications:

How to Download Private Instagram Videos on android

It is the same as downloading video from Instagram on a computer. You can easily download private Instagram videos on your android device with the help of

  • The online tools
  • Download Instagram Video apps

In Android devices, the video instinctively downloads as you watch the video. It downloads work out that at what place the video is. One can also save the video by using some other Instagram video download app desiring to watch the video.

One of the most common and easy ways to save a video from Instagram to your camera roll is “Screen recording.” Meanwhile, there are many other ways, tell us to discuss one by one:

First method: Download private IG videos by using app cache?

1st, watch the complete video you want to download.

  • First, Open File manager.
  • Second, Open Android.
  • Open data.
  • Open Com. Instagram. Android.
  • Open cache.
  • Open video.
  • There, you will look at the videos you had watched with the “.clear” extension.

2nd Method: Using a third-party app?

  • Open the app “Instagram.”
  • Play video, which you wish to save in your camera roll.
  • Click the menu option.
  • Copy video link.
  • Open Video Downloader.
  • Click on the Paste button.

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