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How to download Instagram private stories

 I tell you about Instagram stories and how to download private Instagram stories.

 First, what is the Instagram story?

A circle on the left top of the Instagram screen is called an Instagram story. You can tap on your profile picture to see your story. If you want to see other following users, you can check one by one the other’s private stories on the right side of your story/profile circle on top of your feed. People share their opinion, Photos, and videos via Instagram posts or stories.

The Instagram user shows there.

  • opinion
  • location
  • As a question
  • product promotion
  • brief video clip
  • news story
  • feeling
  • pictures
  • Quotation
  • shows your work
  • Reviews
  • Countdown sticker
  • promote hashtag
  • giveaways
  • tips and tricks
  • and go live.

 Instagram is the top social media platform. Social media like 

  • Facebook, 
  • Twitter, 
  • Snapchat, 
  • Tiktok, etc.


Even Millions of people earn money through Instagram, through marketing, Brand Promotion, etc. You can follow and see your favorite Celebrity on Instagram. You can chat with your friends or your beloved ones.

On Instagram, you cannot Download other stories or videos. But Don’t panic. We will solve your problem.


How do I download private Instagram stories?


Procedure For Instagram Story Download.

Just Copy the Link Of the Instagram Post or story, then open the App, and your download will start automatically. You can also change the download location. So these Apps are the best for Instagram Story download.

Download private IG on iPhone or iOS devices.

 You can download particular Instagram stories on iPhone or any other iOS device by using Instagram story downloader third-party app and safari browser. The same procedure of IG story download for Mac laptop.

How to download private IG stories on Android devices?

On an android device, download the App from the play store. Follow steps and download private Instagram story through Instagram Story downloader.


Top 5 free Instagram Story Downloaders

  1. Story Saver
  2. Instadp
  3. storydownloader
  4. ingramer
  5. instafollowers


Story Saver

You can download private Instagram stories through the story saver tool. Story saver is an online tool that solves your problem through the following steps. So You can download personal Instagram stories easily. 


1. Open Instagram

2. copy the username of the target Instagram user.

3. Then, open the link of the story saver.

4. display view opened

5. Place or paste the username in a blank field of the online tool.

6. Then click on the “Download” button to download a private Instagram story.



Why I download this App?

The Best Thing Is that it’s a Simple Interface and simple procedure for the Instagram story download. It’s 100% secure and safe. So I heartily recommend you to download this App and download the Instagram story.

How to save Instagram stories with music

Hey guys: If you want to download Instagram stories with music. After reading this article, you can easily and safely download an Instagram story with music and save it into your gallery. So please don’t waste any moment; let’s start.

  • First Open the play store and Search Story saver for Instagram and download it.
  • After download, open the Story saver for the Instagram App and login into your Instagram Account. After login, your account on Story saver for Instagram.
  • Open the story which you want to download with music.
  • After opening the story, there is a download option on the Top Right.
  • Click on them. After the click, your story Saved in your gallery with music.



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