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How to download private Instagram videos?

Download Private Instagram Videos through simple and freeways. Instagram users should want to know how to download Instagram videos from private accounts easily. So I tell you about 4 online sources or tools to download Instagram post videos. These tools help you download Instagram videos from private profiles, photos, and stories. Because the private account only visible for account followers. You can simple steps to download Instagram private account video easily through the copy and paste link method. How to download private Instagram videos.

What device can I use to download Instagram videos?

All online tools are fine and compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. So you can easily download the Instagram video for android phones, iPhones, and the computer system. So you can open these online tools on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

What is a private Instagram video downloader? Can you download private Instagram videos?

Instagram is a social media platform, but not a downloader app. So the Instagram itself not able to save/download any IG user-posted video. Because IG not allows its users to download IG videos from private accounts, it just provides a platform for billions of users to post and watch IG videos for free.

So here I tell you about IG Video Downloader tools and how it works. 

IG video Downloaders are the online source for us or all IG users to download IG Private videos easily. You can Download mp4 best result video through these video downloader tools. I tell you about all online tools one-by-one and downloading procedures to download Private profile IG mp4 video. 

Here some online tools list. These are top-rated online Private Instagram video Downloaders.

How to download Instagram private account videos. You can simple steps of these online Instagram video downloaders. Now I can explain briefly all IG private profile video downloaders one-by-one.

Instadownloder Tool:

Here top one on my list is this online private profile video downloader. So it allows IG users to save private account video easily through copy-paste links. You can also open these links on your android and iPhone. Copy the video link of any private profile IG video, paste it on the online tool blank bar, and then download it. 

Simple method:

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Open Instagram: private account profile video.
  • Copy the link to the targeting video.
  • Go to the browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Then, Open the website/tool link by clicking on a hyperlink.
  • After that, it will open the homepage in front of you or on screen.
  • Paste the private video link on a blank white field.
  • On the right side of the blank box, click on the button “Download.”
  • It will download the video.
  • Save the video according to your target choice.

If you are an Android user, don’t worry about all procedures is the same for all operating systems and devices. Just a different of bit things that are also easy, easy. Just follow these steps and pictures to download the private account video on Instagram. 

downloadinstagramvideos downloader

Download private Instagram profile mp4 videos. This online tool extracts the private account video. The first requirement for download private user account videos is page source. Download private instagram stories.


  • Open any web-browser
  • Log in to your Instagram Account
  • Right-click on “view page source.”
  • New Tab will open
  • Copy HTML code completely
  • Open This online tool by clicking on the link.
  • A window opened with the white blank field in front of you.
  • Paste the code as it is in the blank field.
  • Then click on “Download Instagram Video.”
  • Finally, you can save or download the video in your desire location.

Instafollowers Video downloader

This online service provider tool that provides likes, follower and viewers for social media user. You can buy likes on social media posts, a follower on social media account followers, etc. 

Related to this blog, you can download IG private profile videos through this online video downloader. You can download a video without paying a single penny. 


Same as above.

  • Open a web browser, then sign in to Instagram.
  • Copy the video link or copy and paste the username of the private account.
  • Open the online video downloader, then paste the video link or private user name in a blank field.
  • Click on the download button
  • Save the video according to your target location.
  • Done

If you are using the username of the private account to down video.

  • After pasting the username in the blank field.
  • All videos related to their account will show.
  • Open a video or target video.
  • Then Download.
  • Done.


Last but not least, this downloader tool allows its users to download videos, stories, and photos. You can download it easily through copy-paste procedure. 


  1. Open IG profile.
  2. Copy URL or link of the target video.
  3. Open Aloinstagram video downloader
  4. Paste the link in the first white field box.
  5. Generate the source code by pasting a link.
  6. Then copy the link of source code from the second field box.
  7. Open a new tab of a web browser.
  8. Paste the link and enter.
  9. it will show Complete source code on the system screen.
  10. Copy all code by pressing “Ctrl+A.”
  11. Again, open the Aloinstagram downloader.
  12. Paste code on a third large box.
  13. The target video will show below with a download button.
  14. Click on download.
  15. Done

Hope you understand, how to download Instagram videos and stories easily. 


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