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Reverse search iPhone images

Reverse image search iPhone: Are you on the move and have an iPhone or iPad in your hands?

Here’s how you can launch your reverse image search on Google. The procedure is very similar to that of Android since you will go in both cases to operate on the Google Images site. The iPhone reverse picture search also has two alternatives:

How to image reverse search on iphone

  • Copy the image to the clipboard on your iPhone, iPad.
  • Or reverse search image mobile (and then from the Google app tap the search bar and tap “Search this image” in the “From clipboard” section
  • Tap Google Lens from the Google app’s search bar and take a photo to search for or upload an existing image by clicking on a gallery at the top left.

Image search: how does Google behave?

Google makes it known that it can keep the images you upload to your search for about seven days. Because to improve Google’s products and services. In no case will they appear in history.

And not be used by the company beyond the shower period. Are you interested in finding out how a specific image behaves on the web?

Activate a reverse search now, start practicing. It’s that easy!

How to reverse image search: Have you ever wondered what reverse picture search on Google is for? This function is useful if you need to have more information on an image or if you want to see in which formats and in which sites they publish it around the web. You can do a reverse picture search on Google both from Desktop and from smartphone and tablet following a specific procedure. Google reverse picture search methods, reverse image search metadata, reverse search image iPhone, reverse search image mobile/android.

Reverse search for images from Desktop

Are you ready to do your first reverse image search on Google for Documentary Video Production Company Dubai? Turn on the computer, open the browser, and go to the Google Images home page ( The browsers that support this activity at the time of writing are Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Thanks to the reverse search, you will find:

  • Similar images
  • Sites that published the image you are analyzing
  • The different formats in which they publish the image you are researching
  • How to go from Desktop? You can search for images in two ways by clicking on the “camera” icon:
  • By entering the URL
  • By uploading a photo directly from your computer,

Reverse picture search from Google by entering the URL

After entering the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the image, you want to analyze it in this first case. You will see a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of sites where the same image appears, where visually similar ideas and pages appear, containing matching images.

Not sure how to get the URL of the image you want to reverse search? It’s effortless: place the cursor on the image and press the right mouse button.

A drop-down menu will open from which you have to choose “Copy image address.” That is the URL you need to do your search.

Reverse image search from Google, loading from hard drive

In this second case, after loading your image directly from the hard disk, Google will return a SERP very similar to that of the previous paragraph. If you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser, you can also drag your photo directly to Google Images.

These two options are beneficial to “monitor.” 

Use your proprietary image on the web, Look at the competition or do a quick press review of the sites that talk about your initiative. You can also find out who the author of the photo is, and they often use what contexts and websites it.

Android reverse image search

Even if the purpose is the same, you may need to do a reverse picture search on your smartphone or tablet running Android. Again, you have two ways to do your reverse lookup.

Search via Google Lens

You can analyze a photo on your device or an image you just took. To do this, open the Google app on your Android, tap Discover at the bottom, and then Google Lens in the search bar.

If you have just taken a photo, tap on the magnifying glass to launch the search. If you want to upload an image from your archive, you can do it following the intuitive procedure and then launch the search.

Search by description/reverse image search metadata

Here, type in the browser of your Android device the string and then enter a brief description/reverse picture search metadata of the image before launching the search by tapping on the “magnifying glass” icon.

Then click on the image you want to analyze and hold down on the image itself until the message “Search this image on Google” appears. From this tap, your reverse Android image search will start. On Google, of course.



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