How To Clean Airpods For Clear Sound

If you want to keep your apple AirPods clean, you must follow all the instructions given in this article, which we have told you about. If You Don’t Know How To Clean Apple Airpods Pro For Clear Audio Sound? Read this article carefully. Clean air pods or wireless earbuds regularly with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning them from time to time will prevent them from filling with dust, dirt, and matches. Store microfiber cloths in this case, or at least keep them close enough that you can clean them regularly.

Thoroughly cleaning your air pods can help them improve their look, and work better. Here are some tips to help you get them back.

If they are very dirty, you can use them to try something new after cleaning them regularly, so they don’t get dirty again. You have bought Apple Airpods, the question that comes to your mind is how to clean them.

You can’t wash it with water. If you wash your Airpods pro with water, they will deteriorate. We will tell you about Apple AirPods first. If a person does not know what AirPods are, they will also know what AirPods are.

What Are Airpods?

The Apple Airpod is a wireless Bluetooth earbud, Designed to work with your iOS iPhone and iPad device. But, since this is a Bluetooth audio sound device.

Use Of Airpods: The user can also use the Airpods with almost any other Computer or Smartphone device, even with Apple TV. However, Apple carries an essential pair of wired earbuds with every iOS gadget and device.

AirPods give different focal points and benefits that the user may consider worth improving or modernizing. Apple Has Introduced a Simplistic Pair of Weird Earbuds in a Tiny Box. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you know how to use it.

Connection Between earbuds: Both earbuds connect simultaneously to a Y-Connection with an audio connector that plugs into your iPhone. 

Total wired earbuds additionally have a media controller built with the wire, which users can use to play, Stop, Skip, and set the volume of music or sound. The Airpods Are Dissimilar.

Eventually, wireless devices are not attached. And have no wires at all. Alternatively, both pieces have Bluetooth radios separately. And pair it with your iPhone and different devices through Bluetooth.

How To Clean Airpods? For Clear Sound,

If you have AirPods, keep them clean from time to time so that no problems arise in them. Sometimes your own natural earwax freezes on your AirPods. so it is very important to keep them clean.

Apple Recommended User clean aipods:

  • To Use Soft Cloth
  • Dry Cloth
  • Lint Free Clothing
  • Cautions you to clean Airpods for better audio sound.

Apple also advises to use a dry cotton swab to clean the Airpods and suggests against using sharp, scratchy, or other liquid materials. If there are stains on your Airpods, you must clean them with a moist cloth.

  • After that, you dry them with a lint-free piece of cloth. Do not put them in their box until the AirPods are dry.
  • Use the Airpods when they are dry from moisture.
  • Clean the meshes of the speaker or microphone with the dry swab.
  • You can follow Apple’s recommendation and clean the outside of the earbuds with a delicate cloth. Remember to clean the sensors.

Earbuds Vs Airpods:

The earbuds are the most sensitive portion of your AirPods, so they require the most concentration. Avoid applying excess weight to the speaker’s mesh.

Doing so could push the dirt further into the earbuds and may even remove the speaker’s mesh wholly.

How To Clean AirPods: Toothpick AirPods

How To Clean Airpods Mesh: Clean air pods with a microfiber cloth

You can use a toothpick to remove the dirty obstinate bits that stuck to the sides of the speaker’s mesh or holes.

A toothpick is a pointy choice of singular specs of gross, waxy dust, and it’s a lot more secure than a sharp metal object that can damage the plastic or split the wire speaker’s mesh.

Remove the wax and dirt that’s stuck inside the mesh of your AirPod speaker, get a bit of Fun-Tak and extend and rub it into a piece to warm it up. At that point, press it against the speaker a few times, and it’ll get the dust and wax.

Use a wet microfiber cloth as the last resort. If you haven’t cleaned Airpods in a long time, you must use a little water to remove hardened dirt and stains. Put one or two drops of distilled water on the microfiber cloth to keep it moist.

Then rub the damp part of the fabric against the surface of the air pods. Do not let the wet piece of the cloth touch the speaker grills or water may enter them.

Do not use plain cloth or cloth, which can damage the polish. Microfiber fabrics are much better than ordinary rags to remove small particles. Hold the material in your hands and ease it over the entire surface of the air pod’s face.

How To Clean AirPods grill?

Clean the speaker grills with an antistatic brush. If you do not have an antistatic brush, you can use a clean, dry toothbrush. Use antistatic brush brushes to brush dust, dirt, or matches that are stuck in the speaker grill. Brush softly, so you don’t hurt the grills.

Use a broom brush to clean hard-to-reach areas. Hold your broom in your hands and rub the soft part against the small cracks and crevices of the air pods.

Carefully clean the speaker grills to remove dust or accumulated matches. Press the speaker grills harder, so you don’t damage them.

How To Clean AirPods Case: Charging Case

Keep AirPods in their case when you are not using them. They are less likely to get dirty when stored. Avoid keeping them in your pocket, bag, or purse, where they can be messy and dusty.

If you usually use an air pod at night, try to keep it close to your bed. If you want to use air pods when going out, keep your case with you. Just make sure it’s closed so that dirt and dust particles don’t get inside.

Apple Recommended You to Use Soft, Dry, and Lint Free Clothing To Clean the Charging Case. If essential, you can lightly moisten a clean cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

Eliminate or remove any debris from the Lightning connector with a dry, clean, and delicate bristled brush. Your AirPods charging case may be similarly gross as the earbuds.

While the area around the hinge is especially hard to clean, the case itself is terrifying at keeping the dust and other dirt out. We suggest you clean the charging case of a medium- or firm-bristle Boom brush as that is the best way to get deep into the hinge region. You should saturate the brush to remove the problematic stuff.

Because of the consistent pressure caused when you open and close the case, you may discover it practically difficult to evacuate some dirt.

If a moist cloth or toothbrush/Boom brush doesn’t work, break out a trusty Q-Tip and splash it with some isopropyl alcohol. Work the Q-tip over the region to expel the dirt. Show restraint—this may take some time.

How To Clean Airpods: Some Tips For Airpods User

  • Clean your ears regularly.
  • Not cleaning your ears can cause matches to accumulate, which will attach to the air pods when you wear them.
  • Use a broom or towel to clean your ears.
  • Don’t worry about cleaning your ear canals, remove the match from the part of your ear where your air pods fit.
  • Don’t lend your Airpods to other people.
  • Your friends can leave your AirPods out of their case, which will make them dusty again.
  • Besides your iPod, you can also match their ears.
  • Keeping your AirPods will allow you to control how clean they are.
  • If someone borrows your AirPods, please let them know that you have paid a lot of money for them. Instead, offer to use a pair of regular headphones.

How To Clean Airpods: Warning

  • Avoid using alcohol cleaners or abrasive chemicals. They can damage the outside of your Airpods.


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