Apple Mac Pro most expensive 65,000$ computer, apple mac pro


Apple Mac Pro: What’s so special about a 65,000$ computer. They present this computer in a tower casing weighing 18 kg. Apple’s new Mac Pro computer can undoubtedly send emails or watch videos on YouTube. But for those purposes, using it is like going to the store on a Formula One racing car. The reason is that the most powerful computer. So that Apple has put up for sale, they can price this week up to 65,000$. The company has clarified that. We do not intend the computer for the average user but targets “professional users”

  1. in graphic design
  2. video editing
  3. software engineering.

Introduce the computer, Apple’s Chief of Design John Ivy said. “It’s designed for a wide variety of users and has a myriad of adaptations.”

They present the computer in an 18 kg tower casing. And have the facility to install wheels on a stainless steel structure. Pay $400 for it.

Apple Mac Pro most expensive 65,000$ computer, apple mac pro

The cheapest version of this new Mac Pro is $5999.

At this price, you get

  • 8 Core Zion processor
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 8 GB graphics card
  • 256 GB solid-state memory
  • frame
  • keyboard
  • and mouse

Keep in mind that only the processor costs less than six thousand dollars. And the Pro Display XDR screen used with it will have to be purchased separately. Dan Requiem, senior vice president of hardware engineering, says.

The best Mac Pro processor for the new Mac Pro is the 28-core Zion. So For which you must add  7,000$ more to the base price.

Nowadays, a typical laptop has four to eight gigabytes of RAM (a component that loads programs quickly).

This is two hundred times more than Apple’s computer. And pays 25,000$ for 1 to 5 terabytes of RAM. Can be obtained by the tax.

Given the growing demand for graphics. It can fit this computer with two Radio Pro Vega 2 Accelerator cards. But you will have to pay an additional 10,800$ for them.

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According to Dan Requiem,

This is the most influential graphic card in the world. By now, if you wanted to add all these things, your bill would have reached close to 49,000$. But that is not the end of the story.

If a 256 GB SSD isn’t enough. So you can get a four terabyte SSD card for an additional 1,400$. For this computer, Apple has created an accelerator card called Afterburner.

That can be programmed to improve videos’ performance. Still, spend another two thousand dollars for this, says Requiem. Also included is a

  1. $149 mouse pad
  2. a $300 video editing software
  3. Final Cut Pro Ten
  4. a $200 music editing Logic ProX.

Price of apple mac pro in the US

Thus the price of this computer in the United States reaches $53247 before paying taxes. As mentioned above.

This computer’s price does not include the monitor. And the use of a standard screen when the computer is so powerful. Apple is offering a state-of-the-art monitor with this computer.

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch edgeless screen monitor. So that also plays 6K resolution videos.

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According to Requiem

The monitor controls the light with specially designed lenses. And reflectors to keep the screen brighter.

There are two versions of this monitor:

Plain glass and the other with non-textured glass, priced at 5,999$. They can also take a pro stand with this monitor.

So making it easy to use the monitor. According to your needs with the help of a magnet, but it costs $999. You can also install this monitor on the wall. But you will have to pay $199 for this stand.

Total price

Thus the total cost of this computer reaches 60 thousand five hundred dollars. And if it includes device insurance and other equipment such as

  • cables
  • adapters
  • space on the cloud
  • yes, tax,
  • then the

Apple Mac Pro in the United States. Costs about 65,000$. Yes, but Apple will not charge you for this computer.


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