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Seedbox vs VPN: Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when you are working online. Online security is essential, and every user wants to keep their data safe. However, the number of trackers that monitor your operations online is innumerable, and you may be quickly exposing your identity to them. Even when you are just browsing the internet, something like a VPN. You are at risk of exposing your identity, mainly when using free public Wi-Fi systems like in a cafe or shopping malls. So, you should be extra cautious about that and use a VPN. seedbox vs VPN for torrenting, which is better? To secure IP address. seedbox comparison

Seedbox torrenting: Seedbox vs VPN For Torrenting

However, if you are Torrenting, there are other options available. Seedbox is one of them. Apart from providing a secure platform for torrenting, the best seedbox comes with several attractive features useful for torrenting.

Here, we have compared the two most sought-after internet privacy solutions – VPN and seedboxes. And after going through this post, hopefully, you’ll be able to decide which one you should use. In this blog, I will tell you about the difference between Seedbox vs VPN: Which One Should You Choose and Why.

Seedbox vs VPN: What is a Seedbox?

Seedboxes are remote servers that come along with a high-speed data center offering fast and secure uploading and downloading of torrents. With a top seedbox, the chances of your identity getting unmasked reduces.

Because seedboxes act as an intermediary, you first download the Torrents to the seedbox server and then to your computer. But there’s more to this tool, and that’s what we will point out next.

Are seedboxes safe: Advantages of Using a Seedbox

Seedboxes come with a public seedbox IP address, and because of that, you can maintain anonymity while downloading or uploading torrents. However, the advantages of using a seedbox for torrenting reaches far beyond that.

Incredible Speed

Seedboxes offer users high-speed downloading and uploading of digital files throughout the day. As it is in a high Bandwidth data center, you can achieve the best possible torrenting speed using a seedbox.

The speed ranges between 100Mbps to a whopping 10Gbps, and you can upload or download as many files as you want without worrying about the Bandwidth. You can get even higher Bandwidth with the top seedbox providers, depending on the hosting plan you choose.


Seedboxes make sure that your torrenting activities are anonymous, which is the primary reason you should have one.

If you are not using a seedbox, your home IP address is exposed completely, and eventually, someone will notice you. If they find you downloading copyrighted material, you may be even fined or worse.

With a seedbox, however, you can let go of this worry. Even if you opt for a cheap seedbox, they always maintain anonymity.  

Overcoming ISP Limitations

ISPs curb your internet speed as soon as you reach a specific Bandwidth limit. One can avoid this restriction using a seedbox.

Because with seedboxes, your ISP is not in use. Also, while torrenting, you might have noticed that they block some BitTorrent ports.

It’s because your ISP does not give you access to them. However, with a seedbox, you can overcome this limitation and access any port you wish to link to.

Seedbox vs VPN: What is a VPN?

VPN or virtual private network is a very different technology from a seedbox. It is not a server, but an encrypted system that can achieve a secure connection. VPNs are primarily used to bypass geo-restrictions.

Meaning, if a particular website is not accessible from your location, you can use a VPN to access it. Using VPN, your hosting address is concealed, and that allows you to do that.

Advantages of Using a VPN

Like a seedbox, VPNs are used to establish a secure connection and maintain anonymity on the web. However, VPNs come with their own set of benefits. Below we have mentioned some common advantages of using a VPN.

Remote Access

With a VPN, you can access and share data remotely and securely from any location. They encrypt a VPN line, meaning it’s secured and can significantly benefit companies with branches at different locations and want to exchange data via a secured line.

Secures Your IP Address

A VPN also secures your IP address by cloaking it, and that helps you keep yourself anonymous when you are browsing online.

Anyone trying to track your IP will end up Tracking the IP address of the VPN, and that can be any random location across the globe.

Bypasses Geo-Restrictions

Finally, as mentioned earlier, VPN allows you to bypass any geo-restrictions that might block a website from opening at your location.

With a VPN, your IP address will get changed to the address of the place where the website is allowed, and thus you can freely access it. You can even change your network location with the use of a VPN.

Final Pick: Seedbox vs VPN

Both seedbox (Review) and VPN offer an excellent level of security features to the users. However, a seedbox is meant to be used only for torrenting activities.

In comparison, a VPN can be used anytime while browsing the web.

However, some of the best seedboxes come equipped with a VPN. Users opting for those can enjoy the perks of both. So, make your choice according to your requirements.

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