6 Types of Hackers and What They Do: White, Black, and Grey, hacking, red hat hackers


Types of hackers and hacking: Most of the time, we hear the word hacking. Some children go into the world of crime to learn it. Most people say hacking is the reason for creating new accounts. If we pay a little attention to this issue, our accounts will never be hacked. What is hacking, computer hackers, and how can we be safe from it? This is an important issue.

As the use of the internet has increased tremendously all over the world and everyone living in this world of the internet is using

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • WhatsApp,
  • and many other social sites.

They create different viruses for hacking and then in different ways damage not only people’s computers and mobile phones but also steal critical information and business accounts in your system and account.

In this article, I tell you about what is hacking, hacker, and types. There are 6 types of computer hackers. White hat, black hat, grey hat, green, blue hat, and red hat hackers.

Who is a hacker?

Computer hackers: People think that a hacker is a person who steals passwords, credit cards, and people’s personal information. Still, if you look at the other side of the problem, a hacker is a person who is experienced in computer programming.

He knows how to control the web and code, how the computer functions work. There are different computer hackers.

Hackers and 6 types of hackers

Script caddies

Such people know nothing about hacking, watch a few videos or pick up a virus code and then run it on their system, trying to get all the information about other people’s system. Sometimes people succeed in this.

White hat hackers types

These hackers work on the security of our accounts, for example, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Companies also pay them.

Black hat hackers

We consider these people to be terrible in the world of hacking. These people take personal information from other people’s systems and use them for their benefit, such as credit card, password information. They involve these hackers in the wrong activities. There are.

Grey hat hackers

These hackers are between black and white hat hackers. They hack the system for their hobby but do not harm the system.

Red hat hackers types

These red hat hackers prevent black hackers from carrying out their malicious activities. When they find out they are getting information from someone’s system or have done so, they transfer the virus to the system of black hackers and remove the stolen information. And destroys its system.

Then black hackers need a new system to work again.

Green hat hackers

These hackers are like script caddies, but they don’t pick up the code and use it. They have a passion for learning and become hackers after learning it.

Blue hat hackers types

These scripts are like caddies. When a hacker tries to annoy them, they retaliate. Different companies also invite blue hackers to introduce new products so they can test and tell them that the product.

There is no problem inside. If there is no problem, then they launch the product. Then it is essential to know what hackers do after hacking.

If you take the example of a website or Facebook account, then hackers hack your account and corrupt the accounts or websites by placing advertisements, or the visitors to it redirects these websites to another website. Also, data on accounts or websites is stolen or destroyed.

How do hackers access your information?

Computer Hackers use two methods to access information. The first is to trick you into various reward schemes, and the second is to use the most common way to view various pornographic videos.

When you click on a link to get information, you Some people inadvertently click OK to accept your terms and conditions and change your settings, when in fact the virus tries to gain access to your system and accounts under the pretext of giving you access to the video.

In the same way, nowadays, there are various apps on Facebook that contain our exciting stuff. For example,
how did you look in your childhood, or how will you look in your youth and old age?

How many people have seen the profile so far, which actor matches your format?

All these apps ask you for account X permission. Once we give access permission to the virus, then they will do as they please. Automatically runs accounts for a specific time and can send all kinds of messages from your account, and we Eri can also use the timeline freely.

To be safe from hacking, avoid downloading emails, Facebook and WhatsApp-related files received from strangers, keep the notification on so that if someone from another computer is online with your account, you know immediately.

One of the easiest and best ways to find out someone’s location is to have a link to a different website sent to your inbox or email, with the sole purpose of making you click on it.

The hacker’s IP address immediately goes to any hacker you log in to through the internet. The IP address is your internet location. IP is used to find out what area you are currently in. This work is also called hacking.

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