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There is a new version of WordPress 5.6 that came out this week. It’s not the most significant update and wordpress 5.6 features. There are some changes you’re going to want to know about. And there are a couple of things that might happen that could cause you some problems.

Hopefully, this blog will cover those so you can avoid any problems when updating this recent version of WordPress. Word press version 5.6 (wordpress 5.6 features) in this blog, I’ll highlight the notable changes, wordpress 5.6 features, and highlight the reasons.

  • to update
  • or not to update word press release

You are now using it, and it even says right here if you find issues with your site looks. For example.

  • a slider doesn’t work
  • button is stuck

Install the jquery migrate plugin. This is that plugin, and you can see it’s installed on a bunch of.
Websites. That ended up having this issue, and I’ll tell you from experience. This issue could cause lots of unexpected behaviors.
The first thing that you’re going to notice is there’s a new

WordPress 5.6 release date

Their update (wordpress 5.6 features) a few days ago on December the 8th, 2020

WordPress code word, name

its nickname was an ode to Nina Simone,

  • American songwriter
  • Musician organizer

almost like a reminder of what wordpress is and what it represents, almost like Simone is a metaphor for open source and free and every one the previous major update of wordpress.

WordPress 5.5

WordPress version 5.5 caused some hassles to plugins and themes with jquery issues, which had many websites to break when updating.

We had many customers reporting issues. When they updated their websites and in a specific case. We even rebuilt a customer’s website entirely to avoid any further bugs, just an add-in for help.

Before we continue, wordpress states the following two versions 5.5, 5.6, and the coming version 5.7 that updates to jquery and wordpress take place across three releases 5.5 5.6 and 5.7.

How to update the wordpress 5.6

As we reach the midpoint of this process, run the update test plugin to check your sites for errors. Ahead of time, they further state that if you find issues with your site’s way, a slider that doesn’t work, a button is stuck, that sort of thing, install the jquery migrate plugin.

First off, make sure you have a backup or make one wordpress and advise us to do this as a little reminder of its importance—many right hosting providers depending on the package you have with them.

Do daily backups of your website files and databases automatically. So in a lot of cases, you should already conveniently have one in place.

If you’re not sure or don’t know how to check email your hosting provider support department, and they will be happy to check for you if you know your way around your control panel.

Then do a backup of your wordpress website’s files and databases for peace of mind. A second big point to make is around the plugins and themes of your website. These are where the issues may come from primary and.

This is where the issues arose with the previous wordpress 5.5 version. Developers either didn’t support their plugins or themes anymore. Or didn’t roll out updates in time to make their plugins compatible with the new wordpress.


Installation in any wordpress update (wordpress 5.6 features): I recommend looking through what plugins and themes have an update ready before updating a wordpress website.

Just wait a week or two and then start pushing the button on updating when there is more information, updated plugins to analyze and make an informed decision.

So closing these points, don’t be hasty to have the new Uber-cool wordpress 5.6. Be patient. Your site won’t look noticeably different.

Or perform noticeably better, and breaking your website may not be worth the cost even if it did. Please wait for the theme and plugin developers to update before getting into it.

And to add here, I noticed a performance increase in version 5.6.

wordpress 5.6 Default Theme

So one of the recent additions to 5.6 is the new 2021 theme. Now I have to say excitedly to experiment with this theme just off the bat. It has a thin light and dark mode that’s cool.

Because usually, the default themes are kind of boring. So that’s a good start. It still seems a little bleak, though, just scanning through it.

And I don’t use the default themes that come with wordpress. I feel that they offer little, and you have to do way too much development, which takes away design time.

Automatic Update Feature

Another additional feature to note is the option of updating wordpress automatically. Now with wordpress 5.5, they started offering auto-updates to themes and plugins(wordpress 5.6 features).

Now the first significant enhancement is automatic updates to wordpress itself, and where you find this option is right here. In the updates tab, you can see there’s this new option.

It says it automatically keeps this site up to date with each new wordpress version. Now I get an option here, so it’s by default set. So whenever wordpress has an update, it’s going to update. This means security releases, maintenance releases, and major releases.

Another recent addition is a preference block in the builder. I rarely use this section of wordpress. So I wouldn’t be the right person to advise on this recent addition.

Site Health and jquery

Moving on-site health is a function worth highlighting that became available in wordpress version 5.5. It is quite useful and maybe even more so for newer users where it prompts useful things like removing inactive plugins and themes.

Which can make a massive difference in the efficiency of your website, believe it? I also advised that I update my PHP version to 7.4, which I think is an excellent bit of advice. If you remember, the prior major version of wordpress, which is wordpress 5.5.

When it was released, there was a breaking change that unfortunately broke many websites, and it had to do with jquery. It was removed from WordPress, and all these problems happened. And they put it back in and came out with a better plan to phase it out over several releases.

So if you remember some funny behavior inside the wordpress admin after you updated a few months ago, it was probably because of jquery. Now, this isn’t a wordpress issue.

It’s with the plugins and themes that you use and if developers make any of those. Who might not be involved actively in developing the products they make? You now have that there were also many improvements to the site health status included in a prior version of WordPress.

So when I compare it here to the old version of site health, you will not notice that many differences.

Site Health

We’re talking about site health. I want to show you a cool trick that it’s a free plugin that allows you to troubleshoot your website quickly to go to plugins, click on add new, and then do a search right here for the health check plugin.

If you click on install and then click on activate now, when I go to the site tools, there’s going to be a new option right here that says troubleshooting.

When I click on it, I can choose to enable troubleshooting mode, which essentially disables all the plugins and switches to the default wordpress theme to enable those plugins one by one to identify the one that’s causing a problem.

Doing something like this will help you identify the problem plugins you may use, and you can ask them if they can update their plugin so you won’t have any more problems. Now back to the new default theme. Let me show you how to enable this attractive dark mode option.

wordpress 5.6 Support PHP 8

Now I’m back on the wordpress announcement, and the last thing is php8 support. So PHP is part of the engine that drives wordpress, so there have been different version numbers.

The minimum version number keeps increasing now. PHP 8 just came out very recently. So if you log into your hosting, I wouldn’t recommend switching to php8.

Because a lot of the plugins and probably most themes will not support PHP 8. For some time, it’s just wordpress here. Leading the way, saying this is their direction that we all need to support PHP eight.

This is a good thing because the higher PHP versions bring impressive performance gains. How fast your web pages load for your website visitors and security enhancements.

A higher number is right. You probably want to be on PHP version 7.3 or 7.4 right now. If you’re on a lower version, you can benefit from some significant performance gains by updating the PHP version.

Application Passwords

I can agree then an interesting feature addition is the new application password name, which is like. For example, first registering for Instagram using your Facebook details and authenticating using those login details.

Block Patterns

So you can see it, says 2021, and these are block patterns that the theme has Created. We also have these categories here of other default block patterns.

So if I want to see some button block patterns, I Can click right here and there. They are now to add any of these block patterns to your layout. You would choose the one you want, so let’s see it quite fascinating.

After the click, you can see it’s instantly been added to the page. I think block patterns are cool, and we haven’t yet seen the full power of them because of not a lot. So you can collapse blocks into columns.

wordpress 5.6 Gutenberg Update

It wasn’t quite ready, so they pushed that off into the next year. And that is called full site editing. It’s the end goal of Gutenberg.

So this means you’re going to do everything in the block builder, including building out sidebars, headers, footers, all areas of wordpress.

You’re going to have this full site editing. Now we’re going to know what this looks like in 2021. Even when it first comes out, it will take a while for all the theme developers and plugin developers to adopt it.

And you are integrating it into the tools you’re already using on your website. So just because it’s coming out next year doesn’t mean that you’re going to do things differently.

Or see a benefit from full site editing until the actual plugin and theme developers adopt it. But it promises to be very interesting and a perfect enhancement to wordpress. Because of some things right now, it’s a little complicated.

Building tools such as elementor, you can edit a page and if you’ve built your header using elementor. You can quickly jump into editing the header instantaneously by just choosing it.

So there’s this seamless experience. That I think people will benefit from, especially people new to wordpress.

Because it can be a lot, so hey, I hope this blog helped you avoid any issues. That might happen with your website. That was my intention for writing this blog.

Block Builder

Inside of the block builder and there are some enhancements here as well. The first one that I like is when you click the three dots in the top right and choose preferences. We have an updated preference pane.

So That gives you some additional options as well. A bit more of an explanation of what these options do to give you an idea here’s. What the old options pane looks like, and it was just a few check boxes, and some things might be a little confusing what they were actually for.

Still, now what the preference pane looks like, and there are many new options in there. Here’s one that’s quite interesting. It uses theme styles, so what that means will make the editor emulate what your theme looks like.

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